Sunday, 7 January 2018

Motorcycle racing as a career

Today Motorcycle racing does not enjoy the mass support that other sports like Cricket, Football , Hockey, Tennis, Badminton ,  Kabadi  etc have .

Sponsors are not  interested in a sport that has such a small fan base, as they do not see value for their sponsorship money.So the prize money and sponsorship are almost negligible .

The best option is to consider racing as a hobby or a second profession , in India.

Racers will have to fund their racing  almost throughout their racing career  , either, the one make Championship or National Championship .

One make Championship is only considered as a stepping stone, the real " thing" is the National Championship . It is more prestigious to win a National Championship than a one make Championship title.

To take part in the National Championship you will have to pay a racing team for the "seat" .
Over time, once you show you are a winner , teams could offer a free seat or atleast  a  part payment . But that is few and far between , as the teams mostly are underfunded .

If you are a  consistent  winner and are lucky, you could get into a team sponsored by manufacturers like TVS or Honda where they may pay you for riding for them . But don't expect a big pay packet .

What can racers do to earn some money ?

Racers should promote themselves on Social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. and attract the most followers . This fan base could be utilised by the racer when approaching prospective sponsors . Marketing is a necessary skill that racers have to develop along with their racing skills to succeed as a racer . Sponsors will pay you for  promoting their products or services and by putting their logo on your helmet or racing suit or bike or website or social media or any other creative  way you could think off  provided they are getting high visibility with your fans .

Racers  should be constantly in touch with sponsors , meet them  and market themselves so that they can arrange funding for their racing activities . Riding talent alone is of no use if you don't have the marketing skills to promote yourself.

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