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Is a One day training program sufficient to go racing ?

Is a One day training program sufficient to go racing ?

Absolutely not ! The one day training will only get you a certificate to apply for a racing license ( some training schools may ask you to come for more levels of training for the certificate) .

Generally, schools offer only a one or two day training session , rather than long term multiple day ( like a month long training) as it will not be economical for the student .

e.g. a one day training itself, on an average,  costs  between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15000 , so if you extrapolate those costs for a 10 day program, it will cost the student in the region of Rs. 1,00,000 plus, excluding the cost of bike rentals . So it becomes exorbitantly high for a student to afford .

So the best option for the student is to get the  first level of training ( called "Intermediate" by RACR , others, may call it by some other name ) . Learn the basics during the intermediate level.

After that you need to practise on a track . You could do track days* at a race track close to your residence. All race tracks offer track days to the public, normally on weekends.You could also practise at a small Go-Kart track .

After lots of practice and after your have gained some experience  , you may want to up your skills some more ,you could go for more training with the training school for certification for the next higher level . 

*Track days : 
"  track day is an organised event in which one is allowed to ride around the motor racing circuits, where a road legal or track prepared  motorcycle can be used without speed restriction (as if racing, though the practice of actual racing is almost exclusively forbidden at these events) by members of the public. Criteria for being eligible to participate is usually the holding of a driving licence for the vehicle and the payment of a fee.

Usually, participants use their own vehicles, however a growing number of tracks and organizers can provide hire vehicles, if required.
Track days are opportunities to nurture the finer skills of machine control and race craft and having fun. The emphasis is on enjoyment in a controlled and suitable environment.
A track day can prove an invaluable means of improving the skills necessary to properly control your motorcycles at or nearing their full potential in relative safety. It is a common feedback from track day enthusiasts that it helps them define the massive distinction between road and track riding/driving styles and as a result, through improved skill levels and attitudes, can have a positive effect on their road safety."

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