Sunday, 7 January 2018

Recommended Race Tracks to do training and practise

Race tracks have to be of certain minimum standards to make it worthwhile for you to do your training and practise , to sharpen your skills and to make you competitive in track racing . 

There are only 3 recognised  race tracks in India . They  are :

  1.  Buddh International Circuit (BIC) , Greater Noida, near Delhi
  2. Madras Motor Race Track   ,   (MMRT) near Chennai
  3. Kari Motor Speedway , near Coimbatore

More race tracks are in the process of being constructed , so we may have a few more in the years to come 

There are other tracks which are smaller, about 1.2 Km long, which could also be used for training and practise . These are  tracks which are used for National Go kart  Racing Championships 

They are :

  • Meco Kartopia , Bangalore
  • Mohite Racing Academy ,  Kolhapur.
  • Circuit Chicane , Hyderabad  .
  • RPM Go karting , Bhopal 

Insight : Getting certified on  smaller tracks other than those mentioned above may be a waste of  resources . Mini tracks of 400 to 500 meters may serve no purpose other than having some fun . I doubt if you can learn any real riding skills on such tracks as the speeds are much lower and corners are tight . Even bikes over 150cc could be a overkill on such tracks .

But till such time, more race  tracks are built in India , these mini tracks will atleast keep the riding skills polished for riders who stay far away from the recognised race or Go kart tracks . 

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