Sunday, 7 January 2018

FMSCI approved Motorcycle Racing Schools

Racers have to get  certified by atleast  one of the FMSCI Approved Racing Schools in India for being eligible to apply for a racing license from the FMSCI .

Each school may have different criterion for issuing certification e.g. Complete Multiple levels etc , which will have to be discussed with the respective school by the Racer .

The schools approved by FMSCI for certification are :

  1. Rajini Academy for Competitive Racing ( RACR)
  2. California Superbike School          
  3. Apex Racing Academy                          
  4. Honda Ten10 Racing Academy             
  5. MMSC Training School
  6. AS Motor Racing Academy
  7. Gusto Racing Academy                       
  8. Kingdom Racing                                                             

The Steps to follow for getting into Motorcycle Racing in India

The Steps to follow : 1) Get a Certificate of Training from a FMSCI approved Motorcycle Training Academy 2) Apply to the Indian Motor R...